Five Minutes of Trouble

Another post this week! It's just that I've been trying some new things that I want to commit to, so I figure if I write about them, then I'll have to continue to do them, right? And, yes... Peggy Stermer-Cox inspired me on this idea, too. Between Peggy and Lauren Everett Finn, I'm constantly motivated to try new things!

My next adventure is five minute sketches. As I mentioned I was planning to use my friends' cat, Trouble, if she graced me with her presence when I was going to check on her. Well, "grace me" she did! Poor little thing is feeling kind of lonely. She met me in the kitchen and proceeded to purr and rub her head on my hand as I took my coat off. She followed me to the living room, purring all the way and we settled onto the sofa, me with one hand trying to get my sketchbook and pencils out and scratching Trouble's head with the other. She was definitely going to get her money's worth out of my visit. There was no way she was going to let me stop petting her and scratching her head!

After about ten minutes of pure delight on her part, for the human touch, she slowed down enough with her twisting and nudging at my hand to continue scratching her head, for me to actually get my small sketchbook balanced on my right knee. So with my left hand scratching the back of her neck, keeping her semi still, I quickly got out my 4H pencil and started to sketch out her general profile. I soon realized this may not even be a 5 minute sketch so I'd better hustle! I took out my 3B pencil and used it to block in her black fur. Five minutes? Maybe... but it was fun trying to sketch a live cat, in motion.


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