Absence Makes This HeART Grow Stronger

Since I posted last in January, I have been a very busy bee.  I had to paint like a fiend to get some new works completed for my solo show in the Lounge, at the Scarab Club, in Detroit, MI.  I managed to complete thirteen new pieces for the show, seven paintings and six mixed media pieces, all in a month's time.  The paintings were all in oil, so I had to be finished with them by February 1st so they would have time to dry.   The mixed media pieces were Chinese paper, gesso, watercolors and acrylics  - everything that would dry quickly, which afforded me some extra time to work before the show.   I told you I was busy!

Once I got back into the studio, I realized how much I'd missed it, over the months of working at English Gardens. It feels so good to don my paint clothes in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and head to the studio....  I did take some time after I prepared for the show, to relax and regroup a bit, but I find I feel like I'm missing something if I don't spend at least half my day in the studio.  I've been exploring some new techniques, returning to my "Stuffed" series and completing some of those ideas.  I'm also getting ready to embark on a new painting or two - other than "Stuffed".  The fire in my heART has been rekindled and I don't want the flame to be extinguished.  Sometimes it takes being "separated" from something one loves to realize just how much one misses it.


Shelli Alford said…
I liked what you said about not realizing you miss something until you don't have it any more. I would love to see more of your work. I will check out your face book page.
suzannepaints said…
wonderful work. Love the cats. Congratulations on being back among the paints.

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