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Paddling in the Frog Pond Again

So the day after I did my first blog post in FOUR + years, I ended up going on an appointment to meet up with an old Two Frogs Studios client. Once again, I was tracked down by her, as I was with the old client last year. It kind of makes me wonder who else has been looking for me in the years since I stepped away from the "frog pond"... It's mostly curiosity, not desire to reengage fully in my past decorative painting/mural business. I do not want to be a ladder jockey, again. I don't mind a job, here and there - but I'm much more discerning about what I want to take on these days. Since I'm close to stepping back up to the easel, I don't want to side-tracked. I'm too easily distracted!

I am happy to get started on the job I went on the appointment for. My inspiration for the wall treatment is a beautiful Murano glass vase and my client is very open to ideas. I'll post some photos when I've got something to share. But for now, I've got to…

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