A One and A Two...

In February, I was playing with cats.  In March, and so far this April, I've been concentrating on portraits/faces.  I was planning to concentrate on a different subject each month, but I've decided why should I do that, when I so love doing figures and portraits? Maybe sometime I'll squeeze in some  still lifes or plein air work, maybe a cat or dog, but for right now, I'm continuing with the portrait work. 

Since I knew these paintings weren't going to be standard sizes, I stapled primed canvas to my paint wall - it'd the longest, unobstructed wall in my studio that I keep clear strictly for this purpose OR for painting murals on canvas, which are then hung like wallpaper.  The first finished portrait was "About Face".  It wasn't meant to strictly be a portrait. I was planning to just use my Lizzy as the subject and work much looser, but my brushes weren't havin' any of that! They kept going and going and I'm glad they did because I'm very happy with the outcome ;)

"About Face", oil on canvas, 28" x 34", Lois Primeau, © 2012

Now with "Lizzy Blue", I actually started "her" before "About Face", but I needed to complete "About Face" first, due to a deadline I wanted to hit.  "Lizzy Blue" was a painting I had envisioned for a couple years and finally got around to painting - which was perfect timing because a friend of mine gave me a gorgeous vintage frame that enhances the painting beautifully.  Since the frame is vintage, the size isn't standard.  I had to alter the stretcher bars I stretched the canvas on by adding 1/4" screen moulding all the way around.  I can't wait until "she's" dry enough to frame "her"! 

"Lizzy Blue", oil on canvas, 18-1/2" x 22-1/2", Lois Primeau, © 2012


"Lizzy Blue" is also part of "Ode to Blue" part II, http://ericadamajournal.blogspot.nl/2012/08/ode-to-blue-part-ii.html
Jessica said…
Beautiful work! I am working through a book on step by step animals & yesterday I did a horse step-by-step (in Jane's 10 day challenge) and my brushes were the opposite of yours and wanted to be looser & sneak in some colors that don't exactly belong there! :)

I was using a #8 round on a 9x12" board (masonite), so maybe that was why I felt I could be loose... someday I would LIKE to be able to work a little tighter so people would think the painting is a photo.. though I do like to sneak in inappropriate colors!

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