Friday, November 12, 2010

Still Tiny Trouble

I know... She's still "under construction". I just couldn't stand looking at the "bad" face... I've finally gotten the face all blanked out so that I can start again.

Actually, in this state she reminds me of an art installation we saw years ago, in Toronto. It was a video installation. The room was dark and bare except for this one chair upon which a small, faceless rag doll was lying on the seat. When one walked into the room, the motion set off the projector which projected a human woman's face onto the blank doll's face and she would start talking to you. It was really cool! A little freaky... I remember our girls didn't like it much. Ha, ha! I wonder if they remember that?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tiny Trouble

I'm still working on "Stuffed 3: Zhēnguì". I'm still struggling with her face, it's so small - 5" x 7" - which makes her face about 2" wide, if that and my brushes seem SO big! (At least she doesn't look like a Campbell's Soup Kid anymore!) I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I hope I can finish her tomorrow so that I can move on to another painting - I've got some orchids I want to paint.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I finished "Rosie" today. I just have to frame her and deliver her. I hope her "mom" thinks I've done Rosie justice.

Addendum: I delivered "Rosie" tonight. I'd sent her "mom" an email with an attachment of the portrait. I said, "I think I'm done... Is this your Rosie?" To which she replied, "If you could see the tears, you would know. Yes. It is my Rosie. Thank you so much. It's beautiful." I was so happy I'd captured Rosie. It was an honor. Rest in peace, Rosie, rest in peace...