Daily Sketches

Sunday was a lousy day. A migraine kept me on the sofa the whole damn day, into the night. As a matter of fact, I can still feel the remnants on the top of my skull. Ugh... I hate that! A perfectly good day ruined - lost, gone. Needless to say, no sketching was done. I did manage to finish a book very early on in the day, when I was still trying to deny that the headache I had was more in line with a migraine.

The two sketches here are from Friday (the apple) and Saturday (Bailey's eye). The apple I spent approximately 10 minutes on while my husband put the finishing touches on dinner. Bailey's eye was done moments before we left the house, to go to dinner at our friends' home.

Per usual, Bailey was staring at me, trying to get me to read his mind, so I figured I'd put his effort to good use. I actually had about a minute to get the basic drawing done and then spent the next couple minutes shading in the eye. I'm not sure if it took a whole five minutes, but it filled in the time before we left. Whatever it was that he was trying to get me to do with his "Wheaten mind meld" didn't work, but I do like how his eye turned out.

I have to admit limiting my sketching time to five minutes is a bit frustrating. I try to note the time when I start and limit myself, but as one can see, so far I'm spending more time sketching the object - unless it's an animal. In the case of Trouble and Bailey, I take what I can get! The animals tend to be quicker and looser and therefore, more exciting to see if I can actually pull it off. Therefore, living within a mile of the Detroit Zoo and having a membership, certainly brings about some fun ideas! I think I'll be going to the zoo soon. Penguins and polar bears, butterflies and birds... I wonder what else I'll find in the dead of winter. I'll let you know!


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