Double Trouble

I managed to do a couple sketches of Trouble today. This time I sat to her left - big mistake. Being right-handed I couldn't do the "hold her semi still with my left hand" trick. My left hand was always in the way. Doh! I managed to get an interesting quick gesture sketch done as she would walk away from me, to the end of the sofa, slightly hunched and waiting for my hand to scratch her. There would be a momentary pause that I quickly rendered. I then waited for her to do it again and tried to add her black fur in. She's a medium-haired cat, so she tends to look a bit fat when she's really not. Her profile sketch was trickier because of the problem I stated and plus, I had an odd angle that I was looking at her from. I never quite got the chin right. All in all though, she was happy for the company and I enjoyed the challenge.


Anonymous said…
Hi Lois, Wonderful gesture drawing! I think cat's heads are a challenge; they can do funny things with their fur and whiskers. One of my aunts has a cat that looks similar to Trouble and I think you did a wonderful job!

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