"Blind" Leading the "Blind"

Today I post my first blind contour drawing! It's so much fun to do this type of drawing. You know, right off the bat, it's going to turn out as some strange wiggley line drawing. You just hope you can recognize some sort of reference to the object you've decided to draw. As I stated yesterday, Peggy Stermer-Cox is my inspiration for my participation in Blind Contour Friday.

So here it is, my "Rock 'n Roll Chicken alarm clock. "Wow... yeah... Hey, Baby wake up. Come 'n dance with me... Wow...yeah...Hey, Baby wake up. Come 'n dance with me..." Haha!


Florence's Art said…
That came out really well.
Anonymous said…
Lois, That is a COOL clock! It makes a great subject and what a delightful, fun drawing! WONDERFUL! And, thank you!

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