Two Day Painting?

"Ena's Rose", 6" X 6", oil on canvas

Well, let's see... Monday I prepared panels to paint on, so I didn't paint per se, I gessoed panels. Tuesday, I went through the "what shall I paint" frustration syndrome again. Although I did manage to settle on something - a rose, up close and personal. Yeah, like we haven't seen that before! But it happened to be a rose that was in my aunt's garden, when I visited with her last summer. She has since passed on, so I felt that this rose transcended the triteness of subject. Anyway, I'd been playing in iPhoto with cropping and liked the abstract feel of the severe crop, but of course, painting it was a whole different thing!

I was in the process of checking the original photo on my computer when I discovered that the snow melt was causing water to seep into the basement! Aargh! So that took care of finishing the painting! I spent the rest of the day and night sucking up water as it would seep in and started demolishing on the cabinet that was covering where the water was coming in.

So, long story short, it became a two day painting instead of a daily painting.

I've also decided along the painted path I'm traveling, that doing "daily paintings" is not really working for me. I have found what I suspected before I even started, that the venture would be too limiting for me. It keeps me from doing other paintings because I'm so involved with trying to get a daily painting done. Also, I've never been a still life painter, so for me to set up a still life, no matter how simple, just never feels comfortable. I still love and admire the daily painting genre. It's just not working for me, personally. Will I continue to paint every day? Certainly! But will I produce a painting a day? Not likely. But maybe.


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