Break Time/Play time

I was just taking a break from painting - not that kind of painting, house painting. That's my daily painting right now! I realized I needed to get the woodwork in the guest room done before my brother comes for a visit and I have a bit of painting to complete that got started in late December, in my Lizzy's room before she comes home on Spring Break. I still have to do some floral graphics inspired by her snowboard. (Remember, I was a muralist/decorative painter in my "before life"...) These are the kinds of little paint jobs in the house that are easier to do when it's basically just the dog and me around the house during the day, until my husband Steve, comes home from work. Theoretically one would think summer would be the optimum time, but not around this household! It gets way too busy. So for right now, we're living in the paint fumes (I use oil based paint for woodwork). I think I'll haul my air cleaner upstairs for some relief since it's too cold out to open windows...

Anyway, as the old saying goes, " An idle mind is the devil's workshop." Apparently, so too are idle hands! I changed the "look" of my blog. I thought I'd like to see a softer background so I shuffled the colors. I think I like it. It seems a bit easier on the eyes. We'll see... Anybody else have an opinion?


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