In, Out... No, In

I'm kind of "stuck" on this idea/concept of daily painting. And I realize that not every "daily painter" produces a painting per day, but somehow that scenario just keeps reverberating in my head. As I've stated before, I believe it's every painter's dream or goal to be able to paint every day. It's good discipline to make that commitment because otherwise it can become too easy to say, "I'll get in the studio later...", which can become, "Okay, tomorrow for sure...", which then becomes, "Man, I gotta get in the studio!", which has the potential to become, " Now, what the heck was I doing in here?" when the artist finally gets back in the studio!

So, new week, new Monday, new painting - but it won't be completed in one day. It already has a title, "Piccioni!" It will be the first painting from my series to-be called "The Italian Works".

Hm-m-m...maybe what I can do to "keep myself honest" about my daily painting is to post the painting's progress each day until it is complete. Otherwise, I'm afraid I may find a "reason" to be out of the studio, instead of in the studio.


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