Another Paint Break...

"Logan", 20" X 20", acrylic

I've realized that I won't be done with the woodwork today, dang it! So, during this coffee/paint break I was poking around in my old "stuff". I ran across, "Logan" and thought you might enjoy this spunky little guy, since I haven't done any new painting this week. He's a little boy that lives down the street from us. It's over a year old, but I still love his expression! He has a little sister, Francesca, that I'll have to paint when she gets to be about the same age. It's always so much fun to do a child's portrait and try to catch the essence of their spirit.

Sigh...I miss being in the studio! I'm going to take a couple days off from being a house painter and get back to the business of being an artist, dag nabbit!


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