Found: Awesome Artist

Aargh...! Bad news: I'm still in the paint fumes, still wielding the paint brush - Good news: I should be done today. Painting woodwork is not a "fun" job, but it's one of those "must do" jobs to finish a room. Painting walls is much more satisfying, much more along the lines of instant gratification. I don't know about you, but for me there's something a little thrilling about what color can do to a room. And a fresh new color is always a kick.

But that's not what this post is about...

What I am writing about is what I do during my "paint breaks" - I surf around the web, looking at various artist blogs and websites. It just amazes me how many artists' sites there are and all the wonderful artwork and postings and resources and organizations and help and, and, and... geez-o-pete! How does one sift and sort through it all? One link leads to another link, leads to another link, leads to another link... I get so overwhelmed!

I ran across a wonderful artist yesterday that I want to share with you. Her name is Marsha Robinett. She works in pencil and her drawings are exquisite. She has made me fall in love with the power of the pencil, again. She refers to her style as "creative realism". Her attention to detail is tremendous and the depth of values in her drawings is just scrumptious. So rich. Being a painter primarily, I tend to forget about how wonderful working in pencil is. Pencil was my first love and Marsha's stunning work has made me want to revisit that medium. There is just something about graphite and charcoal that you can't get with any other medium, in my opinion. And no one does it better than Marsha. I've added links to her website and blog to this blog. Give your eyes a treat, check out her work.


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