Opening Night

Tonight is the Opening Reception for the show and the area is under a "Winter Weather Alert"... hm-m-m. Oh well, it is February in Michigan. I hope the roads are plowed and clear. I spent nearly five hours yesterday, along with Patrice Erickson, hanging the show. Patrice is experienced in hanging a show, I'm a novice. Therefore, Patrice suggested some options and we decided on color as being deciding factor for the hanging. It turned out quite well. There is a total of eight artists and 28 paintings, as I recall.

The top painting is the painting I was saving to post as my "show surprise" piece since I had already posted "Aberdeen Dreams" and " Sh-h-h..." This painting is called "Out of the Rain".

"Out of the Rain", 9" X 12", oil on canvas

Last summer (summer... remember that folks? sigh...), after a nice rain, I went into the garden and was taking photos of raindrops on my flowers, when I discovered a little caterpillar hiding inside a day-lily. The little caterpillar was my inspiration for the painting.


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