Better Late Than Never

"Indifferent", 6" X 6", oil on canvas

It took a while for me to be able to post my second venture into daily paintings. Just about the time I was going to post it yesterday, I discovered our phone service was down, thanks to the work AT & T had been doing on the lines behind the houses, on our section of the street. And of course, I didn't discover this lovely fact until the trucks had all left for the day!! AARGH!!! But now the phone has been restored and here's my daily painting from yesterday. I call it "Indifferent". Using vintage salt & pepper shakers again as my "models", these two seals, with their noses in the air have always given me the impression of them being quite indifferent to the presence of each other.

I haven't started my daily painting yest today for a couple reasons. The first being, I needed to make sure I had all my pieces in order for the exhibit that opens this Friday. The second being, I want to try a little more dramatic lighting so I need to wait until nightfall because my studio is quite sunny and I haven't had a chance to properly set up a staging area for still lifes.

Actually, come to think of it, I'm not sure I'll be able to do one tomorrow. I'm helping to hang the exhibit. I wonder if I can squeeze two in tonight... oh dear, and "Lost" is on, too!


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