The Daily Duo

I'm still abuzz with the "daily paintings" venture... I've been checking out the bios of the artists that form the Daily Painters Guild and getting a better handle on how it all seems to work. It appears some do just a small painting a day, some paint everyday - not necessarily one small painting, some do both. I think my personal choice would be the latter. As much as I enjoyed my little "Secrets" painting, I was left with wanting to do more. So I guess that would be my solution. To start the day with the daily painting and then continue on to something else, perhaps larger, if the creative juices are still flowing.

The concept has opened up a world of painting for me - not the concept of painting daily, because isn't that something that as artists we all want or strive to do? But the daily paintings - that's the idea that's got me so excited. I just love these little gems! As for my take on daily painting, if you've read any of my other postings, I have a list -. And that list has sometimes perplexed me in terms of how to attack it. There are many "paintings" not even on "The List" because I didn't want to overwhelm myself with "obligations". I see by being able to combine daily paintings and painting daily, the daily duo, I may be able to tackle the list with a better focus. I guess coming from a muralist background where all my paintings were large, room size pieces, the idea of doing paintings like these little gems of daily paintings hadn't crept into my brain. Maybe it was the paint fumes from all those years...

Well, gotta go! Gotta paint!


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