One, Two, Three... Fini!

I completed my last painting "Out of the Rain" for the upcoming show.  I literally spent the day painting raindrops!  Well, okay... maybe not the entire day, but most of the day!  Talk about tedious!  I can't say much more.  I would like to have a surprise piece left for the show.  I'll post the painting once the Opening Reception is over.  It's unlike anything I've done, but I must say having been well schooled in trompe l'oeil painting with my murals certainly helped depicting the raindrops.

The List

And, now that I've completed my "obligations" for the show, I can start on my list.  Yes, my list.  It's a very important list, one I started keeping a few years ago.  You see, when I was doing "my mural thing", I had no time left over for doing "my own thing" so, I started keeping a list of ideas for paintings that would pop into my head. My list has reached 25 items on it!   Some of those ideas are for series of paintings - multiples!!!  Of course, there are still the commissioned pieces that I have to do as well... but, at least I can get started on my list.  Hm-m-m... which one shall I start with?

(Oops! make that 26.  I know I'll think of more items that I forgot to put on the list.  I've actually had the list written down numerous times, in various places, but now I have what I guess I'll call "The Official List" on my computer desktop.  Trying to be more organized, know what I mean ?)


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