"Winston", 84" X 24", oil

"Winston", detail

This is "Winston". Kent's "bro". The much more laid back, dignified dog. Sweet as can be - "Winston the Winsome".

The spark of inspiration for Winston's image came as I was driving down Woodward Ave. one day. The entire painting just popped into my head from nowhere. I "saw" just the top half of a greyhound depicted. One always sees their big chest or their long legs. I saw length. The image tucked itself away in the recesses of my brain where I keep my other "paintings". I ran into my friend, Robert one day and mentioned it to him - fortunately for me, they had Winston which would work for the dog in my vision. Robert said he'd think about it...

Robert called me a few weeks later. Now I had never thought of the size of it, just the image. Robert came up with the size: 7' X 2' - to go over their mantelpiece. Zoikes! Alright, cool!

And that's how "Winston" was created.


You sure do know what youre talking about. Man, this blog is just great! I cant wait to read more of what youve got to say. Im really happy that I came across this when I did because I was really starting to get bored with the whole blogging scene. Youve turned me around, man!

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