Sibling Rivalry - It Never Ends

"Pigtails",  30" X 50", acrylic

I got a nice e-mail from my Sarah yesterday congratulating me on the new blog and how it looked but, she did say, " I am hoping to see "Pigtails" grace the computer screen or the "Love is..." series."   Now the back story on those two paintings is that they are about her and I appreciate her suggestion to show them on the blog but, I also suspect a little sibling rivalry there since Lizzy, her sister is so prominently displayed... like I said, sibling rivalry - it never ends. 
So here you go, Sarah, these are for you.  I love you...Mom. 

The "Love is..." series is something I have started for Sarah and Nick. Starting with this painting given to them at their Engagement Party, I intend to do a series for them that will be little snippets from their life together. Sarah is a shutterbug.  She probably has hundreds of photos of them together.  I ran across one that just had a little bit of them in the frame and they were obviously laughing madly.  That when the idea for the series popped into my head with this one being "Love is... finding someone you can share laughter with." 


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