Kent, the Clown

Kent, 48" X 48", oil

And now for your enjoyment, I give you "Kent". I completed his portrait this past weekend. Kent is a rescued greyhound that rehabilitated by inmates and then adopted. I refer to him as Kent, the Clown because that's what his personality conveyed when I met him and it is my understanding that that is a good description of him. He's a happy dog. A big, gangly greyhound with a heart as big as he is.

Kent is the second rescued greyhound adopted by my friends. This is the second portrait they have commissioned from me. The first portrait was of Winston, who is much more "dignified" than Kent. "Kent" also presented an interesting challenge due to the sheer size of him - 4' X 4'. His tongue is as long as my forearm and his eye is the size of a dinner plate!


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