Doggie in the Window

Aside from collecting quotes, I collect "funnies"  - you know, the comics from the newspaper.  Some are just too good to send to the recycling bin!  Often I find one that is apropos to a given circumstance or something will remind me of a family member.  I keep a file on my computer of my favorites.  Occasionally I go through the file and have a good laugh all over again.  Here's one that I saved the fits my Bailey to a tee!

The thing that is so funny about Bailey is that on a leash, on a walk he never ever has barked at anything!  Not a car, dog, squirrel - nothin'!  He doesn't even try to chase a squirrel or bird.  I've always said a chiquaqua could kick his a_ _, if Bailey's on a walk. He's the biggest baby dog there is.  But in his own house?  He's Sir Bailey of York, Protector of All He Sees.


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