Don't Tell My Dog, Bailey!

Let me  introduce you to "Libby".  This is my favorite dog portrait (sh-h-h-h!  Don't tell my dog, Bailey!).  I was commissioned to do this portrait by a lovely woman, as a surprise Mother's Day gift, for her daughter-in-law.  You see, her daughter-in-law was a "puppy raiser" for the Leader Dogs for the Blind, in Rochester, Michigan and Libby was the puppy she was raising - her first puppy.  Libby was to be turned over to the Leader Dogs for her training shortly after Mother's Day and the mother-in-law wanted to do something special to commemorate the bond between Libby and her "Mom".  I met Libby at her "Grandma's" house, where she had arrived on the sly (remember this was to be a surprise gift), with her "Dad".  I took some reference photos of her and we chose the pose we liked the best for me to work from for the pastel portrait.  During her photo shoot it became quite obvious she was a remarkable dog.  Her ability to comprehend commands and behave belied her young age (the puppies return to Leader Dogs as one year-olds).   Libby is a beautiful specimen of a Yellow Labrador and it was my honor  to capture her spirit.


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