What Was I Supposed to Do...?

How many lists of goals and "to dos" have you ever made and then not followed?  Or have forgotten all about and then had an, "Oh, yeah!" moment when you found the list, again?  Too many? More than you can even remember - or will admit to?  Yeah, me, too...

In the beginning of the year I made lists of goals for the year: daily, weekly, monthly, and for the year.  I figured what I had written down was fairly doable and I wouldn't be sabotaging myself by making lofty goals that end up being "pie in the sky" type goals.  Overall I think I've done pretty well.  I did miss a couple of exhibits that I wanted to enter, because I simply wasn't ready with anything, but that's okay.  There are plenty more this year and I did enter a new one at The Scarab Club, which I have been accepted into, so that's all good.  The goals though that are making me nutty are the daily goals.  They've actually become laughable because if I manage to remember to do one in a week's time, I'm rockin' the list! LOL

The one daily goal that really bothers me though, is the "Do at least one pencil sketch per day."  I really wish I could remember that one...

Sometimes I write things on my left hand with a permanent marker, if it's something I simply cannot forget to do that day or the next.  Did anyone see the movie, "Memento"?  I'd been using this method for years!  It works great because all day long, it's right smack dab in front of my face!  I've also had people "remind" me throughout the day with the comment, "What's that on your hand?"  I just tell them, "It's my day planner."


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