How does one define a "working class hero"?  For me, the definition is embodied in my son-in-law, Nick... honest, hard-working, a man of principles, willing to stand beside his fellow workers and fight for what he believes in.  A man of integrity, Nick.

My portrait of him has been accepted into the upcoming "Working Class Hero" exhibit at the Scarab Club, in Detroit, Michigan, March 30 - May 15.

"Nick", oil,  34" x 64"


Colleen Brown said…
Love this painting! Fabulous approach to a figurative piece.
lois said…
Thank you! My apologies for not replying SIX years ago!! Oh, my goodness... I literally just saw your comment. "Nick" has done quite well for "himself ". The painting has ended up in Wisconsin, in an IBEW HQ(?), museum (?). An appropriate place, since Scott Walker is the governor and the sentiment on the hard hat is directed at him for his union busting stance.

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