Sharing My Studio Space

I've spent the whole day cleaning and reorganizing my office area in the studio. Since I've occupied this space now for about 5 months, I'm finally figuring out what I really need and what needs to to go away because it's just filling space and not of any purpose. I've gotten my phone/fax machine finally up and running after wrestling with the coils and "snakes" of power cords behind the desk. I reconfigured the desktop a bit, got rid of a couple items to make room to actually be able to work on the desktop, if I want. Wow! What a concept!

I bought and assembled a small, two-shelf bookcase to tuck back in what used to be "junk corner". You know, that corner of your office where your desk ends and the wall is still a little bit away, so you pile "stuff" in there. Now that corner will house all the notebooks filled with art related articles I download (yeah, I'm "old school"... I like the printed word as opposed to always looking up file on the computer.)

What I'm actually getting around to with this post is, as I was putting the finishing touches on the desk and surrounding area, I picked up the little, blue photo album that has the photo of my mother that I used in my last post. As I started to close the cover, I looked at her standing there, all dressed up, with her artwork, looking pleased and I felt like she was looking at me. Like she was pleased with me, for putting together the life she wished she could have led. So, I guess instead of tucking her away in a drawer upstairs with the other photo albums, I'll buy her a little frame and she can share my studio with me. After all, two of her best paintings hang on the walls down here.

"Transparent Boxes", acrylic, 20" x 24",
by Gertrude Scott


Hi Lois! I love your space! I love the painting; reminds me of the colorful geometric stuff I did in high school, I guess it is getting time to get the paint brush out!

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