Tough Times and Tears

Man, I've hit the wall (for the time being) with "Stuffed 3". Working on a 5" x 7" panel doesn't give you much room to move around when you start to get bored! I wiped her face off this morning so I've got to allow the new paint to dry enough to work on. Besides, I've got another project that's got to be moved to the front burner of my brain.

I have to do a portrait of a miniature schnauzer that's not doing so well these days, she's twelve and a half and in renal failure. When I went to her house to take photos of her, she was not feeling "perky" as she once was. It was evident in the way she was holding her ears, rather than being upright, she had them kind of flattened out. I took a bunch of photos, but I didn't want to stress her out under the circumstances, so I'll do what I can with what I have and then just "correct" the ear position in the drawing. The "mom" said Rosie hasn't eaten since Tuesday so things are not looking very good. Poor little thing. It's a heartbreak that every pet owner faces at some point - the loss of their beloved pet. I don't want to imagine the day my Bailey and I have to say good-bye... it will break my heart in a way that will never be repaired. Bailey is and will be my one and only.

Addendum: I just opened an email from Rosie's "mom"... Rosie passed away this afternoon. A little bit of my heart broke... R.I.P. Rosie.


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