MEtamorphosis in Progress

I've been (to use a phrase my father used to say) pussy-footin' around living the artist's life for way too long. I've finally reached a point in my life where I am able to focus completely on developing myself as a fine artist. WOO HOO! I'm no longer bound by being "the mom" or "the daughter/caretaker". I don't have to think about being "Two Frogs". I'm not restoring and painting the house's exterior. I can solely focus on "being an artist". I can focus on "me". Okay, yeah, I still have to take the dog out or face the consequences, but still...

It is weird to know that when I get up each morning all I have to do is work on becoming a fine artist and I can paint every day, if I so desire, without distractions. I've finally gotten all my "stuff" in one space - no separated studio from the office. One large space - okay, I wish it was larger, but this will do for now and it feels good. I still need to sort out lighting and a few minor details but, it's working! And speaking of work, I'm going to share a couple things I did during this transformation. If you are a Facebook friend, you may have seen these already - or maybe you didn't. Either way, I hope you enjoy seeing them now.

This was the first thing I did in my new studio space. I just couldn't stand it anymore. All the moving and organizing - I just had to DO something!! So why not try a new technique, gouache ink resist? This was something I'd learned from Lauren Everett Finn, a fantastic artist with more creative energy than anyone I've ever met!

I got such a big kick out of the first one turning out, I did another!

This is the other gouache ink resist piece I wanted to post the other day. Both pieces are of my wheaten, Bailey. He's such a good boy...

I'm enjoying this new life: All art, all the time! It's a foreign feeling, to say the least, for me and I'm still trying to get comfortable in my new role, but wait...!

Hark! Is that a butterfly wing I see?


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