I was just finishing up a different post and was about to post it when I realized unless you are a Facebook friend/fan, you would have no idea what I was talking about when I referenced "Stuffed". (All this social networking can get confusing trying to remember and keep everything current on all sites!) So, here's the low down, if you've never heard of "Stuffed".

I have a small cigar box, it is 5" x 7" and about 4" deep. It's a great little box for keeping thing in. I had used it in a small painting - same size a 5" x 7", Ampersand panel - where I placed two small pots with frogs on them inside it. It was kind of a tongue in cheek sort of painting - two frogs... get it? Okay, okay... I know! Anyway, it turned out well and I wanted to do another something with the box, so I put a couple little vases I had in the box and painted that set-up. Then it got to be an idea for a series: what can I put in the box? What will fit within the box's 2-D, 5" x 7" image? It can protrude beyond the depth of the box, but it cannot break the "frame". And that is how the series got started. I have completed two pieces and started a third one - today, which is what the next post is about.

Well now, isn't that just jim-dandy... once again, Blogger isn't letting me download images. Did I miss a memo somewhere? Bear with me, I may not post the photos tonight, but I'll post photos of the first two "Stuffed" the next time. Sorry, 'bout that...


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