A Week of Plein Air Painters, part two

During the Pacific 'O Sunset Paint Out I spoke to Darrell Hill, an artist from the Big Island, whose work I admire greatly. By the time I reached the spot he was painting in, he had completed his painting and was signing it. It turned out that he had already completed one painting and this was his second, while everyone was still working on their first! I managed to get a photo of his set up with completed painting, but not him.

The last scheduled painting event was the Pioneer Inn Lahaina Harbor Quick Draw, on February 20th, starting at 9 A.M. and going until 11 A.M.. The Maui No Ka 'Oi Magazine Gala Reception was to start at 5 P.M. so they needed time to let the paint dry! The artists had taken up positions around the harbor and inn, with many of them out on the breakwater, so of course, that's where I headed. As I walked along the boat slips, I saw Darrell Hill again, who once again, had nearly completed his painting!

He was nearly ready to sign the painting and was already figuring out where he would set up for his next painting. I really admire his work and his ability to edit the imagery and told him so. His painting was of a couple of boats and their reflections in the water. What was so wonderful about it was that he didn't put in every little ripple in the water, like many artists would be tempted to do. He put in what was necessary to convey the image of these boats, sitting side by side, on the water.

As I recall, he gave it the title, "Sisters". Perfect.

I ventured out onto the breakwater wall, where, as I stated, a number of the artists were set up: Carleton Kinkade, of Maui, was seated on the rocks, painting a view of the beach where the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy takes their surf lesson participants to.

I got a bit distracted because I started watching the surfers, too, since that's where my daughter, Lizzy had taken her lessons when we were on Maui, last September. There were a couple of young children taking lessons this day and they were being cheered on from the breakwater. One of them was Lydia, who was doing great!

I love her arms' pose!

I walked out across the rocks of the breakwater, to the end where the last artist was set up. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of this particular artist. All the artists did have name tags, but often they were being blown about by the wind or quite frankly, I tended to get caught up in their work. Not only was this artist's work impressive, but it was impressive to watch the patrons walking out on these huge rocks to where he was, in flip flops! I was surprised no one twisted an ankle or two.


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