It's been a month now since the studio wall was waterproofed.  It's been a month of s-l-o-w forward progress to rebuilding the wall, i.e. figuring out how to frame out the walls with studs, without damaging the thermal barrier or the drain under the floor; the actual construction of that frame; reattaching the luan panels; filling the seams; endless sanding; more filling; more sanding.... I did have plans to put in a new baseboard, since the other one was destroyed during "demo day" and I did plan to finish the edge of the carpet where I cut it away to create a larger painting and work area, but somehow today those things just don't seem important anymore. Oh sure, it would be nice, it would look more polished and complete, but would it make me paint any better? I don't think so.

Maybe someday, if I'm feeling ahead of the game and want to tackle those additional finishing details, I'll do them. But I've absolutely lost any and all patience with it all today. I want to put my studio back in place. I want to be able to get up in the morning, grab a cup o' joe and go to work in the studio - with paintbrushes and pencils, not hammers and nails, not spackle and sandpaper. So, you're probably wondering why the heck I'm sitting here, instead of putting everything back together in the studio. Well, I'm waiting for spackle to dry.  That's right, one more round of sanding. I'd already done the filling before I "hit the wall" of patience. Waiting... something that I'm so tired of... waiting.


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