Forever and a Day

It seems as though it's been forever - forever and a day to be exact. The pain of not having a proper studio for three months now has definitely taken it's toll on my psyche.  I have felt, not necessarily lost, but in limbo.  It's like I'm in a waiting room, a never ending waiting room, where I have all my "stuff", piled along side me... waiting....  The seeds of paintings waiting to be sown, all smooshed into a compartment in my brain, where I'm afraid cobwebs are trying to take hold.  I've tried to stay optimistic.  I've tried to stay "engaged", giving myself pep talks and pats on the shoulder saying, "You can do it... not much longer... they'll (the waterproofing company) be here soon...".  Meanwhile, emails, this blog and on-line artist groups have been pushed aside, rarely ventured into because my main computer is in my studio and only recently have I gotten this one, of which I'm still trying to get totally comfortable with the way it's set up.  It's been an incredibly frustrating spring/summer for me.  So when the waterproofers came last week and did their work, I was feeling pretty happy, knowing that the studio would soon be up and running again.

Whoa...! Not so fast, lady! First, there's waiting for the cement to dry - which it is not, in the pantry down there still and that means delay on getting that put back together, so I still have our wine in the workroom, hoping no one kicks over the bottles on the floor, as they reach for the light cord.  Why isn't it on the workbench? Because that's all covered with supplies and whatnot from my studio, along with 90% of the floor as well.  Then in the laundry area, that's where the real pantry fun is!  You see, my husband unloaded the pantry shelves without me, so I have no idea what is in what box.  They're stacked, unlabeled - and that's where they'll stay until the pantry's ready to reassemble.  I'm not touching them.

As for the studio area, OMG... it looks like a baked potato, the wall is covered in a foil thermal barrier.  I decided today I would start reassembling the studio area, but I have to figure out how to frame out the wall so I can attach the paneling to it, first.  Okay...that brought me to tears - literally.  I know how to frame out a wall, but our house was built in 1926.  We don't have "pretty ceiling lines".  There are 2 x 4's nailed to floor joists in one area, that creates a grid on the ceiling where there used to be ceiling tiles, but part of the ceiling doesn't have that.  It's a whole different ball game.  It's covered with something that I assume is attached to the floor joists, but I can't see them.  And I'm NOT tearing that all down.  Besides, even if I wanted to, I couldn't, because more of my studio furniture and supplies are all stacked in the way.  I can't do anything down there until I get the wall sorted out, because I have all the paneling stacked against my drawing table and bookcases.  I can't sort out the floor - where I'm removing carpeting and painting the floor, etc. - because all the paneling is on top of the carpeting.  So once I realized all this, I had a "good" long cry.  That realization broke this camel's back.

After I got that out of my system, I went back to this blog - why, I don't know... looking for a distraction, I suppose.  I noticed in my last post, I had posted pictures of the chaos in the studio and lo and behold - there are photos showing that the old wall was attached directly to the wall's 1 x 3's, no framework.  So, that's what I'm going to do - tomorrow.  I've waited forever for this studio to "come back".  I guess I'll wait one more day.


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