The Day After Yesterday

Funny how I actually feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel now....

Yesterday, my good friend and fellow artist/sculptress, Ann Smith came over to my house and helped me think through the rebuild of the studio wall.  After a fun trip to Home Depot's lumber aisles (yes, it was fun... we both agreed we'd rather be there than at a mall.) and the obligatory Starbuck's Drive-Thru order of two venti coffee frappacchinos, with a shot of espresso, we were armed and dangerous - literally!  Upon the advice of a tool maven at HD, I bought a hammer gun :) I know! Oooo- ooo...!  But it turned out after reading the directions, I suddenly realized we might be puncturing the new WaterGuard drain, if we used it.  I called the company and sure enough, the answer was "No, do not use it. If you puncture the drainage system, the warranty will be null and void." Whew! Man, am I glad I called.  So, that changed our tactic a bit.  We couldn't use the hammer gun, but we still had Ann's chop saw! And my power drill... and my circular saw...  Haha! Power tools and espresso... love 'em.

Since we weren't going to be shooting fasteners into the cement floor, we changed the 2 x 4's to be vertical instead of horizontal on the floor.  We didn't get terribly far with construction, but we got enough going on that our thought process is complete now for the rest of the construction.  It's a little unorthodox, but then the house was built in 1926, so nothing is put together in a fashion that would be used today or that you might see on HGTV's home improvement shows.  Besides, when we get done, it'll be way better than anything that had been done previously!  Also, it's not like we are building a real wall, just a wall to support the luan plywood that I staple my canvas to when I'm doing a large painting or mural.

Yep, it's amazing what a day and a good friend can do to lift one's spirit.


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