"Separated by Birth"

I've been working on a couple of gouache ink resist pieces this week.  The first go-around was a disaster.  I don't know why, but the India ink would not wash off in some areas even though you could tell there was gouache underneath!  The final blow was the watercolor paper started to slough apart from rubbing.  Whoops!  That's the beauty of the technique, it's not really that big of a deal to start over.  Annoying, yes.  Difficult, no.

In the second attempt I changed the images slightly by cropping in closer.  Sometimes I wonder if my artwork has a mind of it's own and knows what's best, hence, the mess-up in the first try producing a better image in the second.  This time everything worked just as I'd hoped.  I titled the piece, "Separated by Birth" since they are really meant to be hung together but, when I posted them on Facebook, individually, it bothered me that each one didn't have a name on it's own.  So, as I was driving down Woodward Avenue (it seems to be a place where I get good ideas - that's where I got the idea for "Winston".  Check the archives...) it occurred to me that the wire one should be named, "Moses" and the real one should be named, "Ramses"!  You can probably tell what I watched on television last night!

"Moses" on the left, "Ramses" on the right, unframed, Lois Primeau, artist, copyright 2011

In case you don't know the story of Cecil B. DeMille's, The Ten Commandments, Moses was a Hebrew that had been raised as an Egyptian prince, in line to the throne of the Pharaoh.  Ramses was the prince of the Pharaoh's true blood-line.  It worked for Hollywood and it works for my peacocks!


Kathy Crabbe said…
I love your work!!! Moses is wonderful ~ I discovered you in the Artist's Conspiracy ~ Kathy C.

lois said…
Why, thank you, Kathy! "Moses" is a little bit of goofy fun :)

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