Brain Freeze

Has anybody figured out where last week went? It's already TUESDAY of this week and I can't figure out where last week went! I think my brain had gone into a deep freeze. I'm not tolerating the cold very well this year - not that I did last year or the year before. Those of you who know me, know I hate being cold, so I'm not a fan of winter.

I do recall finishing "Lemon Lime Buddha" (not the best photo, here...) and starting a new painting. Oh, and I did and still am working on a monogram for a client. Plus, I've got some kitchen tiles, for someone else, I'm getting ready to paint on. Remember, I'll slap paint on anything! But the day to day of last week eludes me... dang, that's right, there was the broken rear truck window fiasco! That messed up two days and the rest of the week is a blur. Hopefully our little warm up that's supposed to happen this week will thaw some brain cells. I don't know who's more stir-crazy - me or my dog! God, how I miss summer!


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