Better Late Than Never

So, here I sit, printing out photos I took in Florence, Italy - four years ago!!! I know, I know... but with this new age of digital photography that's where our photos tend to linger - in digital limbo. What has prompted me to print them all - along with about 3,000 more - is the fact that we're giving my daughter and son-in-law our present printer, which is a very nice printer. I love this printer, except for when the paper jams on those occasions when I'm in a hurry.... My printing marathon has begun because the new printer is a laser jet printer and this one is an ink jet, so all the photo paper that I bought for the Italy pix, won't work in the new printer.

Anyway, the purpose of this posting is not to discuss my photo paper dilemma, it's to post my Blind Contour Friday (albeit Sunday) drawing. I don't know why, I simply could not keep it in my brain on Friday to do my contour drawing. So, as printer chugs out page after page of photos, I decided to draw my coffee mug. Not just the shape but the image that's on it, as well. Ha, ha! Yeah... kinda crazy :)

Can you guess who it is? It's Tigger!


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