Bits of Trouble

I wanted to make sure I got to spend some time with Trouble before the "blizzard" came barreling through. (We didn't get nearly what was predicted, in the metro Detroit area and I feel bad for those who did and are still getting blasted by this winter storm, but I'm glad we dodged the blizzard bullet.) I figured I'd go "hang out" with her in the morning, that way I wouldn't feel rushed. Although, I usually like to stop in on my way home from my favorite Starbucks, I'd just finished about four cups of coffee at home and figured I'd better not arrive with a grande latte. There is such a thing as too much caffeine at some point!

Per usual, Trouble met me at the kitchen table, purring and pacing, round and round, while I got seated and situated. Happy, as long as I kept scratching her head, she purred and spun and purred some more. If I dared to stop, she'd look at me with her beautiful jade green eyes and ram her head into my hand again. Having learned my lesson last time, I kept her to the left of me, so there wouldn't be any awkward crossing over of hands while I sketched.

I think Trouble was feeling a bit more lonely - or maybe she'd figured out, "Hey! It's the one that just pets me and scratches my head!" Whatever the reason was, she was much more actively spinning and nudging so I ended up with many sketches, but little pieces parts of her. I figure at some point I might gather enough "parts" to actually "assemble" a complete drawing of her!


Anonymous said…
Hi Lois, I'm catching up..slowly. I do enjoy looking at your bits of Trouble; sort of poetic! The pencil is loose and flows just like a cat!

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