I'm Ba-ack...

Yes, hello, it's me... long time no posting, right?  Sorry, I've been occupied with other things - mostly warm weather which allowed me to participate in my second favorite past time: gardening.  Yeah, I know it's way past "playin' in the garden time" but, you know how you put off doing something for so long that you don't really know how to begin again?  That's kind of been my dilemma.  I've sat down a couple times over the past few months and composed a posting, only to delete it, without ever posting it.  So here goes, the weather is cold and crappy and I'm stuck in the house once again. Therefore, I'm going to foist myself upon you innocents once again :)

When I last left this blog, I was in the process of working on a couple of children's rooms.  I had posted a couple photos of elements in the Pirates' Room.  I'm going to post a few more now.  Unfortunately, the family moved in before I could get proper, uncluttered photos.  (they were under a crunch to get in...)  I'll post a few of the
Pirates' Room but none of the "Groovy Girl's" Room  because the girl's room is way too cluttered with her old furniture and belongings.

So back to my Pirates' Room madness.  As you may recall, the pirate's are coming in to the room to find their
treasure map which is what the walls appear to be: a giant treasure map.

The boy requested a cannonball to come into the room so I made one ripping through the canvas, being fired from the Black Pearl, moored offshore.

Capt. Jack Sparrow

And that's all I'm going to post showing this room.  It turned out quite wonderful all around with the map elements but to show them all won't give you the feel or experience of standing in this room.  It really is quite fun.

Now, getting back to my absence... not only could I not bring myself to stay inside blogging during the warm months but I also worked at a garden center, English Gardens (perfect for feeding my addiction to plants!) over the spring and summer and fall seasons.  I've now been layed off for the winter months, which was expected and I've been looking forward to so that I could return to the easel full time.  I've only completed a couple paintings since April because I was so busy working and playing in my own garden.  I also made another trip to Maui, in June, with one of my daughters.  We had wonderful time.  How could we not?  It's Maui!


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