When Will It All End?

I'm just checking in with a short post because I'm still in chaos and mess in my studio.  I'm waiting for company two to come out and tell us how they're going to fix the basement wall.  Nothing has changed - except no water in the studio anymore, but it's a long way from being usable.  I've managed to complete "Sarah and Annie" by taking the minimal amount of supplies and a field easel up to my old studio.  Bailey, my wheaten terrier,  likes me better up there - at least he'll come and visit me - and it doesn't require food!  But I'm feeling "homeless".  I have another project going on the dining room table.  Gold leaf is drifting around the table... *sigh*  It's just not comfortable. 

So anyway, here's the completed "Sarah and Annie" and I guess I'll go back upstairs and try to "corral the kittens" of gold leaf fluttering about.


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