Spring Plein Air in the Garden

I've started a new routine for the studio today.  I have to be in the studio working by 7 A.M.... I always wake up before 5:30 A.M. anyway.  It's a time that has been hard-wired into my brain due to my wheaten, Bailey, who gets up around then, to go out and then have his breakfast.  First peep of a bird's chirp and he's at my bedside, flapping his ears - that's how he wakes me up... seriously.  (Maybe I should have named him, Dumbo.) Thank goodness there's no roosters in the area!  Anyway, during the winter, I tend to let him out and then tell him to go lay down while I snuggle under an afghan on the sofa for another hour.  I mean, after all, it's dark out, it's cold, why bother getting up?  But now?   IT'S SPRING!  The garden is filling out, the weeds are sprouting, the pond needs cleaning, I'm creating a new garden and revamping the back of yard.  There's too much to do to be just a weekend warrior in the garden, so... I've got to revise my schedule to accommodate my gardening addiction.

As I was working in the yard yesterday, I was noticing that there's not a "bad" view of the shade/water garden side.  This is exciting news because it will allow for lots of time spent in the garden doing plein air painting in my own yard.  Since I don't have lovely mountains, rushing rivers or expansive vistas nearby, my own Eden oasis will do just fine!

 I was even able to get the "ladies" outside.  Isn't she magnificent? Twelve blossoms open! Three still buds!!

Behind her is the orchid that produces "Laughing Cheetahs".  You don't believe me?  Check out the next photo...

See?! Look at those centers.  I think they're smirking at me...

I know I said I'm not doing any photographs of my flowers this year - only capturing them in paint.  But I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the beginnings in the garden.  And I am keeping my word.  There's a Jack-in-the-Pulpit hiding under the Azalea bush I'm going to try to paint en plein air. So, I'm off to hang with Buddha while I peek under the azalea to capture "Jack".


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