Katie's Kids and Happy Pants

Day One: the Big Blank Wall

Day One of my mural project for Katie's Kids, a nursery/preschool, in Royal Oak, MI (where my daughter, Sarah, is a teacher) was quite an amusing one. I had forgotten what is like to be around little munchkins! They're so much fun and so-o-o inquisitive! Number One Question: Waddaya doo-ing? Number Two Question: Wats dat?! Number Three Question: Wat's your na-ame? Number Four Question: How come you got paint all over you? And so on, endless questioning. So much fun!

Number Four Question was probably the most fascinating for them because they get in trouble if they get paint on their clothes. I tend to keep it simple, "Because I'm very busy painting." It's too much for them to comprehend that the reason why there's paint all over my clothes is because I don't bother with paint rags much. If my brush has too much paint on it, I tap it on my pants or my t-shirt. If I need to wipe paint off my fingers, I use my pants. I can't be bothered looking for a rag or even keeping one in a pocket. I've tried aprons, but I find that they still make me overly cautious about not getting paint on the rest of my clothes. You see, it's my belief that if you're subconsciously concerned about getting paint on your clothes, then you're not fully engaged in your painting. Therefore, I tend to have quite an array of color on me when I'm painting! I call my paint pants my "happy pants" because when I'm wearing them I can do anything! I can paint, I can garden, I can do anything and not have to worry about "getting dirty".

I told one little girl about my "happy pants" and she was fascinated by the concept. She then began to tell me about her pants. One of the little boys said to my daughter, after they went back inside the school, " Miss Sarah, your mom is awesome!" So Sarah asked him, " Why is my mom awesome?" To which he replied, " Cuz she looks cool!"

Yep, my "Happy Pants" were a hit!

End of Day One: Blocking in Color

The pink center panel is proving to be a pain to paint, the aggregate is incredibly bumpy!


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